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Calling all Fashion Lovers!!

Do you love fashion, styling, and being on top of the newest trends? Are you passionate about sharing your finds and newest looks to your audience? Are you interested in promoting The Vanity Dollhouse on social media? Then you’re at the right place!

 We are looking for sexy, chic, and trendy girls who want to rep our brand by sharing us across a variety of social media platforms. Please read the requirements by clicking the link below. After you have read the requirements, please email to receive a application.

THIS APPLICATION IS FOR OCTOBER AMBASSADORS. THE APPLICATION WILL CLOSE OCTOBER 7th. We will not accept anyone after OCTOBER 7th for the month of October.


Let’s talk about the fun stuff first! What are the perks of becoming a brand ambassador?

  1. You get a trackable affiliate code on clothing and accessories for your followers!
  2. Exclusive access to coupon codes!

Now for the rules! What are the requirements of being an ambassador?

  1. Here at The Vanity Dollhouse we are young and still growing! We know that you may be too, so there isn’t a minimum follower requirement. However, we do ask that you have an engaged following and that you post frequently!
  2. You MUST purchase at least 1 item from us by October 5th using your PERSONAL trackable code that we send you.
  3. After you receive the item(s) you purchased from us using your discount code, you are required to take a picture/video wearing the item(s) and post it on your Instagram/Facebook FEEDand STORY and TAG US no later than October 12th. If you don’t, we will disable your discount code and you will no longer be an ambassador.
  4. You MUST share your discount code with your followers at least THREE times per month. You can do that either by posting a picture or video wearing an item from @thevanitydollhouse, or by sharing one of our posts to your story!

How much is the discount I will receive if I’m a brand ambassador?

We base the discount amount off of your Instagram following/engagement!

The discount is on a case by case basis.

  • If you have 3,000 followers or less, you automatically get 30% off everything.
  • If you have more than 3,001 followers, and would like to know what your discount amount will be, please send us a DM on Instagram! You can also email us at and we will let you know ASAP!
  • You will receive a 15 percent commission on all sales made using your discount code.


Is the brand ambassadorship on a month-to-month basis? Will I still be an ambassador for the following month?

We accept new ambassadors every month at the beginning of the month! Those ambassadors will continue until the last day of the month. If you’re still interested in promoting us after that, we will consider you based on the results from the prior month. At the end of the month, if you love our product and want to continue to rep The Vanity Dollhouse, send us a DM, Facebook message, or email and we will let you know if we want you to continue for the following month!